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          Universal coupling

          SWC & SWP series


          New altitude of speed

          High strength alloy 35CrMo material | CNC precision manufacturing | quenching heat treatment process strictly controlled | computer dynamic balance speed limit challenge | delivery speed limit challenge

          Safety coupling AQ & mal & Amn

          Overload protection

          Accurate load torque calculation

          precise machining accuracy guarantee ability


          Drum gear coupling

          High strength gear | low noise pollution | connecting to intermediate shaft computer dynamic balance


          Diaphragm coupling

          Compact seamless process of stainless steel lamination

          Connected to intermediate shaft high speed dynamic balance


          Order Method

          Order Telephone

          0086-13317118888 wechat/whatsapp



          Address:Shilipeng Industrial Park, Shekou Street , Huangpi District, Wuhan City

          News and Activities

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